Something a bit different, for my standards. Inspired by several different things, but mostly because I have this insane passion for head accessories and - since viewer 2 came out - makeup tattoo.
These two outfits are listed in my inventory as : Evolution Darling.
Which is a book by Scott Westerfeld; by the way, I name every single one of my outifts, it's fun and I now got pretty list of outrageous nonsense names.

Also, while I was searching for some background (which you can't see, but it's awesome) I decided to tp to World's End Garden. Been there before, took pics there... but, truly, this time, whoever built it stole my breath away. Go see for yourself.

slurl: {Heaven's Lake}

"It's amazing how quickly nature consumes human places after we turn our backs on them. Life is a hungry thing."
(Peeps, Scott Westerfeld)


[hair {*Plume* | Punk - Snow}
[skin {.::Mother Goose's::. | Devon - girl} (Cupid Heart Hunt prize)
[ears {[ATOMIC] | Twilight Elven Ear - Feather}
[tattoo {::Happy Finds:: | Bindi} (old group gift)
[makeup {Baiastice | Liv eyeshadow - gold}
[makeup {Baiastice | lighwell eyeshadow - pearl}
[teeth {Baiastice | teeth- mod 1}
[horns {LaGyo | Winter deer headpiece}
[headphones {* LPP* | octopus head set }
[earring {La Malvada Mujer | Sugar Forest - earrings}
[earrings {*Plume* | Tribue - Black & White / Night}
[nosering {Zaara | Suvarna kundan nose ring}
[necklace {LaGyo | Georgette - necklace}
[collar { * LPP* | sexadoll officer - neck} (part of an outfit)
[top {SHi Doll | catsuit freebie - shirts} (old freebie)

[hair {*Plume* | Sakura - Snow}
[skin {.::Mother Goose's::. | Alicia - freckle} (lucky board prize)
[makeup {Baiastice | Liv eyeshadow - grey}
[makeup {Baiastice | Studio54 eyeshadow - pearl}
headpiece {La Malvada Mujer | Persiguiendo el Dragon - horns}
[head branch {::: B@R ::: | Dryad - Head} (part of an outfit)
[ear branches {BP* | inner tree x)} (group gift)
[diamond studs {*S4* | Diamond Point} (freebie)
[piercings {[Acide!] | Spider Silver - Upper part}
necklace {LaGyo | Bound rose - necklace}
[top {::: B@R ::: | Chrono Pirates - FullWhite} (part of an outfit)


slurl {Red Desert}

[hair {[LeLutka] | SCARAB hair - Marilyn}
skin {.::Mother Goose's::. | SiSi}
teeth {Baiastice | teeth- mod 2}
makeup {Baiastice | Leaf eyeshadow-red}
freckles {.:Glamorize:. | Freckle Face - Gingerly}
tattoo {::: B@R ::: | Tiger Tribe Lady - Tattoo} (part of an outift)

feathers {(fd) | Hair Stuff - (Kill The White Swan)}
headband {(Slow Kitchen) | hippie_band - (warm_color)}
vest {(Milk Motion) | My fringe vest} (TDR item)
shoulder scarf {Mimikri | Ribbons / Nova - sand} (part of a top)
necklace {LaGyo | Anais necklace}
puff sleeves {!Boaz! | Nim Faery - Sleeve} (freebie part of a dress)
top {~*RunoRuno*~ | Loose Body} (TDR item)
shirt {(Milk Motion) | My flounced shirt } (old FLF item)
pants {Emery | Harem Trouser - Picnik} (TDR item)
boots fringes {Pretty Moccasin} (old freebie - creator: Masami Niekerk)
shoes {Zaara | Ilaida Mojri - tan}


slurl: {Kowloon}

[skin {.::Mother Goose's::. | Chiaki}
[hair {!lamb. | Stargaze - Powder}
[freckles {.:Glamorize:. | Freckle Face - Cheek to Cheek}

[glasses {A:B | glass black}
[choker {*World's End Garden | La Nuit Du Chasseur collar} (group gift)
[overall {::: B@R ::: | Black Spot Grey Pants} (part of an outfit)
[vest {Kyoot | Addicted to Dopamine Harness - (Black)}
[top {{SMS} | Shimmy Shirt - Blue}
[skirt {**MIS** | Paola Dress - Base Skirt Black} (group gift)
[shoes {Maitreya | SoHo Boots - 'PatentMix Black'} (old group gift)


I put this together for Saint Valentine's day when I got tipped to a place where I was supposed to wear something red. I think I totally didn't get the point and went overboard.

slurl : {Voc linda}

[skin {.::Mother Goose's::. | Choi_LB} (lucky board)
[hair {!lamb. | Honey - Milk}
[tattoo {duboo. | i luv u tattoo} (Cupid Heart hunt prize)

[crown {LaGyo | Stars crown}
[meat {Vita's Boudoir | lil piece of meat - meat hat}
(old group gift)
[top {Vita's Boudoir | lil piece of meat - meat Shirt}
(old group gift)
[necklace {LaGyo | Amore necklace}
[corset {+++BB+++ | Elaine - PINK Normal Corset Alone}
(part of an outift)
[skirt {paper couture | Romantic Soliloquy - Hoop Skirt}
(part of an outifit)
[leggings {(Milk Motion) | my cut out leggings - red *high waist*}
(old group gift)

[poses {[glow]}


Real life it's been pretty hectic lately, but I am back or so it seems.
Even if it's raining outside I can feel the air growing warmer. It's humid but not freezing, so I long for lighter clothes even if I'm not ready yet to give up coats and scarves.

(Also I am having issues with the new profiles on SL viewer 2, I cannot seem to be able to find where the profile picks have gone)

slurl: {SLOW}

[skin {MONS | jess -blossom lips-red brows}
[hair {!lamb. | Soma - Milk}
[tattoo {.:Glamorize:. | Freckle Face - Cheek to Cheek}

[headpiece {LaGyo | Birdie branch headpiece}
[coat {{SMS} | Fur Coat - Grey }
[necklace {::Happy Finds:: | Death Blossoms Necklace} (old group gift)
[brooch {La Malvada Mujer |Sugar Forest brooch - lilac+yellow}
[top {jOLIE! | nuit Gris - Corsette } (part of an outfit)
[shirt {oyakin*| antique-tunic*shirts(kinari}
[tights {*blowpop* | Fishnets Tights w/Panty -Pearl Rip}
[pants {*COCO*| WhiteLeggings} (group gift)
[shoes {(TokiD) | le piggy ballerina} (group gift)


Sometime I feel like playing dress up, I feel like marshmallows and fluffy pink bunnies.
I swear it happens...
Then I end up looking like I'm out from one of Madonna's video from the eighties and some part of me loves it.

slurl: {Zaara}

[skin {MONS | Jita Skin series - Violet lips with teeth}
hair {[YunA'sHAIR]| -00-GG-*jan* - white} (group gift)
makeup {MONS | Jita Skin - Blush Tattoo}

head veil {Cubic Effect | Cotton Voile Dress - headdress} (part of a dress)
earring {(Nha!) | Earrings Pear cut diamond}
coat {AOHARU | TweedFeminineCoat - White}
[necklace {(Nha!) | Rosario Black}
brooch {LG Concept | Target brooch} (Euphoria hunt prize)
jacket {paper.couture | Romantic Soliloquy - Jacket} (part of an outfit)
shirt {shirohato | puff blouse}
gloves {*Dilly Dolls* | Gyrl B Nice - Gloves Torn} (part of an outfit)
ring {(Nha!) | Ring - Dragonfly}
skirt {Tee*fy | Orelle Dress - Nude} (part of a dress)
leggings {*COCO* | ShinyLeggings} (group gift)
socks {!Ohmai | Basics Sheer Leggings - [BLANK] } (freebie)
shoes {[LeLutka] | FAME Pumps - black}

[poses {[croire]}