[hair { fri. | Melanie.2 - Melancholy White}
[skin { *League* | Skin Pale -Misty- Wrecked }
[face tattos {::Happy Finds:: | Fashion War Paint }
(old group gift for viewer 2)
[body tattoos {::: B@R ::: | Tiger Tribe Lady Tattoo }
(part of an outfit)

[hair band {*!t :: | Lovely Bones }
(old hunt prize)
[hair feathers {(fd) | Hair Stuff - (Kill The White Swan) }
[jacket { ::: B@R ::: | Gunman's Duster Lady - Brown Jacket}
(part of an outfit)
[top {::: B@R ::: | NeverLand 2049 - Brown Shirt }
(part of an outfit)
[dress { [Plastik] | Shredder -Fleur }
[necklace {Hasendow | spring silence}
[bracelets { ::: B@R ::: | Tiger Tribe Lady - Brown R ForeArm }
(part of an outfit)
[belt { *LPP* | sexadoll officer pack - belt}
[boots { *Kookie* | Armarda boot - Vintage }
(old 50l friday item)

Salvaging old saved outfit and preistoric snapshots. I’m trying to keep the editing process short and fast, I really kind of want to post more and focus on outfits ideas (or the clothes-thrown-togetherness part) instead of going on and on with smoothing pixels out and working on shading.
Change the blog layout, I’m still debating about the colors and I kinda feel it’s about time to change the header up there.

p.s. { note to whoever sent me an IM ages ago asking me some credit to the "sheep's outfits" : I lost you name during some viewer update! I'll add the credits directly to the posts soon!}