Almost Christmas…

It usually never snows in my hometown and the Christmas decorations are pretty dreadful, so I’m left enjoying the holyday’s spirit eating insane amounts of typical winter dishes, not that I complain that much about it, of course.

I am currently channeling my desire for a white Christmas into Second Life, I guess

[skin {!tresBlah | Girly Chic Light Skin - Pure}
[hair {Maitreya | Alex - Platinum}
[faun parts {Titania's Court | F_Faun - Autumn Yellow}

[headband { **DP**yumyum | Katyusha} (group gift)
[earmuffs {BP* | winter sunflower earmuffs} (old group gift)
[ nosering {Zaara | Suvarna Nosering}
[scarf {[LeeZu!] | Miss Mara Scarf - ethno beige}
[blazer {beetlebones** | freebie blazer} (freebie)
[shirt {&Bean | Reckoner - Peach}
[skirt {Paper Couture | like a lion - skirt layer}
[armwarmer left {**DP**yumyum | crochet arm warmer - white}
[umbrella {un Jour _* | umbrella} (old freebie)
[ leg tattoo {Garden of KU | Tattoo Give Me Poison - medium}


Murder on the Orient Express...
I was just flipping through my snaps’ folder for some long deserved clean out and found out a few old shots taken ad Drowsy’s autumn festival.
I was pretty sad when they took down their tents from spooky carnival, but I love the half drowned train as much so, I must say this sim never disappoints me.

I guess I never realized I might have a slight obsession with bowler hats before…
got at least three in my inventory.
After I've seen those combat boots in Meachi Pizzicato's blog I had to have them, just for the idea of owning a pari of "Dr. Murder's", yes, I'm that childish.

slurl: {Drowsy}

[skin {{*MY UGLYDOROTHY | Joe08}
[hair {!lamb. | Stargaze - Powder}

[hair feathers {(fd) | Hair Stuff - (Kill The White Swan)}
[necklace {*Miss 80s* | CROW QUEEN necklace} (freebie)
[shirt {::[ Mr.Poet ]:: | Off shoulder shirt - White}
[corset {*dg* | crows nest:hanger - corset} (part of outfit for designers united II)
[undershirt {::SUGARCUBE | milky Ribbon tank} (freebie)
[skirt { Kuri*Style | 148featyer - (black)paper} (part of outfit)
[pants {AOHARU | LaceCrashDenim - White}
[boots {*BC322 | Work Boots Dr.Murders}


Back here…

Editing a week ago image, as always, which, by the way, is all about poetic irises, I mean, Poetic Color’s eyes by Lano Ling.
I never change my avatar’s eyes simply because I got my freebies eyes practically a week after a first logged into Second Life and I still haven’t found anything I love more than Poetic colors.

So here’s a tribute to his latest freebie that comes also in a dark version.

Funny facts: I learned how to cover my avi’s belly button before learning how to fly up and down and not in some sort of zig-zag pattern of doom. So this must be a first (and probably last) time the midget here will be this undressed, I kind of understand why Mika wanted to take a pic, which also shows better the slouchy Amerie’s pants that are made of love.

slurl: {S.I.C49}

[skin {(fd) | Bird Skin - Nude}
[hair {Maitreya | Voluminous Scarf Hair #2 - Platinum}
[eyes {Poetic Colors | christmas fairy eyes - dark} (freebie)

[tattoo {::Garden of Ku:: | Tattoo Aphrodisia in Luxor - darken}
[shoulder {*LPP* | sexadoll officer pack - shoulder (part of outfit)}
[top {~*RunoRuno*~ | Stole - White }
[vest {Pig | Life on Mars Vest - Aluminum}
[wristband { Chabinns!! | [Rock you-Wrisrband]} (freebie)
[armwarmer {(Yuli) | GX Fingerless Gloves - silver}
[pants {AMERIE M | Loose pants - Khaki}