Do you remember the Smurfs? I really have no idea how famous they are around the world, but it seems that, here, their popularity is never going down.
I was talking with this 4 year old kid the other day and, of course, there was Spiderman, Ironman, whateverman and so forth, but, naturally, he knew The Smurfs!
So : all hail to the Holy Smurf of the fall!

I mean, I got my mushroom hat from the FLTO's hunt and I HAD to use it somehow.

...And, yes, I used to have my own collection of small Smurfs figures and I still know by heart the cartoon's opening song, so here you go: sing along!
(I admit maybe this it's just some insane stress relief therapy from too many working hours all together.)

Anyway, the point is: never miss a hunt, they always have some amazing hidden items!
Check the current hunts HERE!

slurl: {la galerie}

[skin and ears {Mynerva | Platinum - Red Lips Black Eyeband} (old Platinum hunt gift)
[hair {!lamb. | Glass Candy - Milk} (hair fair item)

[hat {MINA | Amanite Hat}
(FLTO exclusive gift)
[necklace {.+*AA*+. | Feather&bullets - black}
[shirt {(Milk Motion) | My vintage fringe dress}
[dress {{nmb} | skanky bones } (FLTO exclusive gift)
[leggings {DPT | Leopard Mesh Leggings - (Lavender,White.Brown)}
[boots {KAO : | Suede Fringe Boots - pink}