I have a soft spot for sims that remind me of Blade Runner or make me breath some kind of W.Gibson's atmpsphere.

slurl: {Nomos}

[skin {:Curio: |Petal - Vixen [FREX-dark] Pure}
[hair {Maitreya | Apple - Platinum}

{*booN | headphone - ume}
[scarf { MIEL | WPGIV BLACK LACE SCARF (May08 group gift)}
[vest {(Milk Motion) | My admiral vest}
[undershirt {Maitreya | Savoir Turtleneck Top - Beige}
[top {::SUGARCUBE | - meduse - cami (part of designers united event's outfit)}
[belt {[mixxES] | Ethnic feather belt (group gift002)}
[pants {:: DUTCH TOUCH :: | Jeans Ripped Xtra - Dark Grey}


When I logged in yesterday night Mika had some good news to share (congratulations again!) and eventually asked me if I knew any Japanese classroom set since she and Sheyla wanted to take some pics wearing school uniforms.
I wasn’t really in the mood for pics (this happens way too often lately), but after a bit I did rember where I’ve seen something that could work. We all ended up in mamesando and they coaxed me into wear an old freebie I ‘ ve forgotten about and a couple of my fav items: Boon's headphones, Urban bomb's sneakers and avenue.'s frayed leggings.
I just sat around and it was pretty late when I finally took a couple of screenshot and Sheyla was already offline.
Somehow my dark mood made me think of a drama a watched ages ago called LIFE, pretty intense TV serie about bullying in Japanese high schools.
Truth is Mika is one of the sweetest persons I know so she doesn’t really fit the part of the nasty bitch, but I guess she already knows a lot about my moody times and will not take it too seriously (I hope!).

On a side- important- note, thanks and hugs to Nakoto who, despite being busy and my insufferable grumpiness still managed to make me smile yesterday night.

slurl : { Mamesando }
model: [ Mikako Ghost ]

[skin {:Curio: | Sundust - FREX [light] Pure 1}
[hair {((JUNWAVE)) | Pop'nGirl*LightBROWN*}

[headphones {*booN | headphone - ume}
[hood {**Ray Skin** | school uni pink plaid - St.Pauls colloer *omake* (lucky chair)}
[jacket {S4_ | School Uniform_Female (lucky chair)}
[top {S4_ | School Uniform_Female (lucky chair)}
[skirt {Gumi's Bad Box | Frilled Sheer Mini Dress - pink (part of group gift)}

[stockings {"anuenue. | Loose HalfPants - black (part of)}
[shoes {Urban Bomb Unit | UBU Drunks}


I'm growing lazy with my posts. Lazier than usual.
As you see I'm working my free items, there were a bunch of hunts I did (or part of them) this summer so I still have to go through half of the things I collected.

[hair {{fascino} | dio - MilkTea}
[hair ribbon {{fascino} | HairRibbon (group gift)}
[skin {Redgrave | Gine }

[glasses {NALA | K_gs 231}
[ head { (fd) | Hair Stuff - leftovers}
[scarf {TheDogs | Blame Scarf - orange}
[top {-Demise- | knit cardigan (hunt gift)}
[bra {barbee. | parto fo - Jewel KARASU}
[skirt {*HOTCH POTCH* | CHIRARI SKIRT - CHA (free)}
[bag { .*Courtisane* | . Sacoche Bag (gift) }
[socks {!Ohmai | Basics Sheer Leggings - BLANK (free)}
[sandals {[chuculet] | sandalettes nala - white (1L)}