I'm back, almost.
I ' ve found a way to edit snaps so I'm back from the deads or so it seems.

[skin {[ROCKBERRY] | Character skin (group gift)}
[hair {Maitreya | Jade - Pale}

[glasses {::Maschienenwerk:: | *M-Werk 5122* (free)}
[headphones {*booN | headphone - ume}
[shirt {(Milk Motion) | my loose tshirt - silver bird}
[gloves {**en Svale** | Gloves - Beige}
[pants {*League | Booty Shorts - Black}
[stockings {*Sheer* | Tights 29: Very Tornk - black}

[shoes {[ON] | Wo Boots - Night}

{I'll add the SLURLS as soon as I collect the missing ones.}


Photoshop is gone and I'm currently trying to find the time to sit in front of my screen for more than a bunch of minutes and fix it, which means my time IW has also got pretty limited lately.
I hope to start posting again soon.

…but I did end up adding a bunch of new amazing links to my feed.