Truthfully fast editing is not my forte, but I’m using it as some kind of stress relief therapy, I guess.

New post old stuff, I am really working what I already have in my inventory as best as I can, buying just a few pieces, saving linden by linden whenever a see something that catches my attention and, mostly, that truly matches my mood.
In this specific case I mean this dress by GHOST, a faded white, but dreamy none the less; it just looked made to show the flaming MIASNOW heart tattoo.

slurl : {coming soon...}

[skin {!RottenToe | Jane-Pale...Oh,me!} (group gift)
[hair {Maitreya | Voluminous Scarf Hair #2 - platinum}
[bindi {::Happy Finds:: | Bindi (Second Life Beta Viewer)} (group gift)
[tattoo {MIASNOW | TAINTED HEART cutout - Radiant Heart 1 } (old hunt gift)

[dress {+++ GHOST! | - White Blood +++}


I didn’t come up with any outfit for this post, how creative of me! But I did wrapped prim after prim of this amazing Kimono by Bare Rose around my smurfish, pixelish body, jut for the sake of taking a picture with Abigale.

This is her version of the shot and, despite the fact that I admire everything about it, I especially love the fluorescents light poles in the background.
Of course, credits go to her for the concept of the image.

slurl: {Embryo}

on Aubergine:

[skin {*MY UGLYDOROTHY| 2-3} (old Red Packet Hunt prize)
[hair {fri.day | Melanie.2 - Melancholy White}

[kimono {::: BareRose ::: | Etude in E Tristesse Purple}

on Abigale:

[skin {Cupcakes | Crimson Alabaster antique}
[hair {Maitreya | Jaiden - Pitch}
[tattoo {Garden of Ku | Give me poison}

[kimono {Bare Rose | I only said }


So long..

So long ago I posted something on this blog and it seems I should keep on doing it even if I totally lack the will to edit snapshots, it is just an endless fighting with image editing lately.

The wrecked League skin is still here and it will remain waiting for my general mood to lift up, it is just amazingly beautiful anyway so why take it off?
I am just having fun trying every single attachments combination of the AOHARU’s jackets and coat I got during their winter sale.
The same goes for this Aurora dress that come with endless ways to wear it and sometimes I just can’t help loving frilly things.
When I saw these *COCO* boots on Mia I knew I had to have them, of course she was wearing them with an open fur coat and few else....I totally miss on the sexy side of thigh high boots, I know (yes, I admit it: I'm a copycat..I steal other people's shopping ideas, beware!).

slurl : {China}

skin {*League* | Skin Pale Misty- Wrecked}
hair {Maitreya | Alex - Platinum}
tattoo {Garden of Ku|Tattoo Give Me Poison_GoK - medium }

hairband {PR!TTY | Runway Model Hair - :band rose: } (comes with hair)
coat { AOHARU | TweedFeminineCoat - White}
shoulder corsage {!Ohmai | [Silhouettes] Asymmetry Bodysuit} (part of freebie outfit)
dress {Aurora | Primary - KNIT Dress }
necklace {=IZUMIYA= | Pendant/Key&Izumiya 01 } (freebie)
leggings {!Ohmai | Basics Sheer Leggings - BLANK}
boots {*COCO* | Knee-High Boots}