slurl: {Kowloon}

[skin {.::Mother Goose's::. | Chiaki}
[hair {!lamb. | Stargaze - Powder}
[freckles {.:Glamorize:. | Freckle Face - Cheek to Cheek}

[glasses {A:B | glass black}
[choker {*World's End Garden | La Nuit Du Chasseur collar} (group gift)
[overall {::: B@R ::: | Black Spot Grey Pants} (part of an outfit)
[vest {Kyoot | Addicted to Dopamine Harness - (Black)}
[top {{SMS} | Shimmy Shirt - Blue}
[skirt {**MIS** | Paola Dress - Base Skirt Black} (group gift)
[shoes {Maitreya | SoHo Boots - 'PatentMix Black'} (old group gift)


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  2. err nvmd..i'm silly. totally great post. AS usual, love your shit.

  3. I usually post the credits here before uploading the image on flickr, then I edit the post adding the image.
    I guess you checked the blog while I was uploading the pic. XD

    by the way: thank you ^^

  4. Ahhh, I caught you in the middle of working! ;)

    you are welcome and I love how you use so many group gifts, subscribos and luckies. Just goes to show you don't have to spend a fortune to look really good.

  5. Half of my invetory is made of freebs, LB, hunt prizes...
    I guess you have to spend at some point, but there's some amazing stuff for free out on SL and I think: it's meant to be used!