Real life it's been pretty hectic lately, but I am back or so it seems.
Even if it's raining outside I can feel the air growing warmer. It's humid but not freezing, so I long for lighter clothes even if I'm not ready yet to give up coats and scarves.

(Also I am having issues with the new profiles on SL viewer 2, I cannot seem to be able to find where the profile picks have gone)

slurl: {SLOW}

[skin {MONS | jess -blossom lips-red brows}
[hair {!lamb. | Soma - Milk}
[tattoo {.:Glamorize:. | Freckle Face - Cheek to Cheek}

[headpiece {LaGyo | Birdie branch headpiece}
[coat {{SMS} | Fur Coat - Grey }
[necklace {::Happy Finds:: | Death Blossoms Necklace} (old group gift)
[brooch {La Malvada Mujer |Sugar Forest brooch - lilac+yellow}
[top {jOLIE! | nuit Gris - Corsette } (part of an outfit)
[shirt {oyakin*| antique-tunic*shirts(kinari}
[tights {*blowpop* | Fishnets Tights w/Panty -Pearl Rip}
[pants {*COCO*| WhiteLeggings} (group gift)
[shoes {(TokiD) | le piggy ballerina} (group gift)