slurl: { Nightworld }
Death to the camwhore.


I do usually wonder around deserted landscapes, endless panoramas, windlight bathed skies and seas..
I do have a thing for cafes and cozy interiors. So today I stumbled on an interesting slurl browsing flickr and decided to check out the place.
I usually check out places when there's no one there, anyway this time In the middle of giant dew soaked leaves dripping chocolate and flashy rainbows I also run into the owner and the designer of the Turquoise cafe.
They were amazingly nice and we chatted a bit in a language which was far from Japanese and definitely not English.
...oh well, the kotatsu was fun.

slurl: { Turquoise cafe }
slurl: { NMC Arts Lab }
in need of an escpe route...
slurl:{ Last Eden }


sometimes it happens that I just wonder alone checking out sims, playing with windlights ...

..and I totally do not have a fetish for light's reflection on latex.

slurl : { Next Level }


last two salvageable shots from deep pink space serie.
models: Elvira Draconia , Mikako Ghost


Macaroons on Mars take 2.

and I might still have some more to add in the next post....

models: Elvira Draconia , Kady Swords , Mikako Ghost

[Macaroons on MARS]

Here it comes, another endless stream of caps..
I took a lot since I actually purposely dragged people on my contacts up in the middle of the sky just to take some pics.
It was actually pretty fun shouting to people "DO NOT MOVE till you have everything rezzed, or you're going to fall!"
The sky was pretty amazing even without any windlight tweaking, but I wanted it sickly pink so that's what I aimed for.

models : Elvira Draconia , Mikako Ghost
Aubergine outfit credits: BareRose, Little Prince, Dilly Dolls


Mika wanted some kind of Blue Lagoon set for some pics, so I just took her to Las Arenas and goofed around a bit...
Probably ending up in the background of some romantic photo shoot. Amazing how a small, tiny, island can be so crowded.

It's a real pixelated paradise though.

slurl : { Las Arenas Rosadas }
These were part of some shot I did for a birthday card.
Sweet time is over.
Ruffles and flowers? yeah, I know it couldn't get worse than that.

let's try credits, since I can't remember where the flower field is from, right:

dress: Katatonik
hair: Glitter
long time no see..
here's the last few bits from the Templum, that means: change of background and settings from the next post!

Kady got the perfect "Ice Queen" look, that no fluffy kitty can spoil.
..but I can't seem to be able to get a good shot of her- note to self: must work on it.

Group picture! ..never miss an opportunity for goup pics.
(love how we manage to wear outfits that totally crash with each other everytime.)

models: Elvira Draconia, Kady Swords, Mikako Ghost


models : Elvira Draconia , Mikako Ghost


This sim got some amazing light and I took way too many shots that night; it will take me a while to post even a small part of them; but I guess I'll manage.
So let's start with a couple of portraits.

model : Elvira Draconia

slurl :{ Templum ex Obscurum }


Elvira: " So what's up, where are we going tonight?"
Aubergine:"You go somewhere, I'm heading home, I've got... stuff ...to do."
Elvira:" Stuff, like what?"
Aubergine:"you know: stuff. I'm, you know, busy."

model: Elvira Draconia
slurl : {The Italian neko club and some amazing place I can't find the slurl of.}
I'm so behind I have zillion caps to post.
People who modeled have probably already given up about seeing their pics posted.

model : Elvira Draconia
slurl : { China }