Lazy Saturday, enjoying spring air through my open window...

slurl: {Borgenite}

[hair {.+*HS*+. | Hair ::CENT:: - Blond} (lucky board gift)
[skin {(fd) | Ghost Organs - Cactus Pear}
[makeup {La Malvada Mujer | Cinema Muto - #2 [lips]}

[bear hat {YIPs | babysnowtiger on head} (old freebie)
[headband {[chuculet] | hairband pearls ribbon - gold} (free)
[scarf {[LeeZu!] | Miss Mara Scarf - ethno beige}
[vest {R.icielli | SCARLLET vest - white + satin}
[top {Baiastice | Raisa shirt - tan}
[ring {LaGyo | Anais ring}
[skirt {( equus ) | petiole skirt } (part of a dress)
[socks {!Ohmai: | Basics Sheer Leggings - [BLANK]} (free)
[shoes {[Amarelo Manga] | Sandal " Nature" - Platinum } (free)


Some busy time kept me away from blogging for the past couple of weeks. I'm back posting an outfit I didn't take off for several days, well I got this two or three saved outfits I just load at random when I really can't seem to manage to put some clothes together: this is one of them.
(IMs got capped so I might have missed some messages...maybe..who knows..)

slurl: {Deelish-ous}

Jens Lekman - Black Cab

[hair {!lamb. | Glass Candy - Milk}
[skin {*MY UGLYDOROTHY | Eva - LB02} (lucky board prize)
[makeup {La Malvada Mujer | Cinema Muto - #1 [lips]}
[tattoo {:: YaYo :: | War Paint - Black FULL Body} (FPWTB hunt prize)

[hat {[glow] | Hat - Black Chic}
[coat {::[ Mr.Poet ]:: | Peacoat and Pleated shirt-Vest set - Turq}
[necklace {(Elate!) | Silver Pocket Watch Necklace} (old Season hunt prize)
[brooch {::Happy Finds:: | Twin Lady - Rabbits Brooch} (freebie)
[shirt {Emery | Top Tie Tiger - [Rose]} (part of an outift - old TDR item)
[pants {AOHARU| LaceCrashDenim - White}
[shoes {PB >> | Deck Shoe - Canvas & Leather (white laces) } (pay as much as you want)


..Because I hope that people will find solace watching the cherry trees blooming also this year.

slurl: {La Galerie}

[hair {LoQ Hairs | Baileys - Light Blonde}
[skin {*MY UGLYDOROTHY | Luckyboard01} (Lucky board)
[eyes {poetic color | summer star eyes - slice of summer} (old freebie)
[makeup {La Malvada Mujer | Cinema Muto #5 - [eyes]}
[makeup {La Malvada Mujer | Cinema Muto #3 - [lips]}
[tattoo {La Malvada Mujer | The Death, The Rose and The Animal}

[wreath {un Jour_* | ROSE wreacth}
[flower branch {.+*AA*+. | MULAN - *light pink} (old freebie)
[earmuffs {.:*W.:* | ear cover - white}
[cardigan {Dantel | Mini wool Sweater }
[dress {[LeLutka] | SIMONE dress - mistyrose}
[necklace {NHA! | Necklace Nitta - Cream}
[nails {La Malvada Mujer | Claws - gray}
[socks {-LaViere- | Basic Mid Calf Socks - White} (freebie)
[shoes {+ ADDiCTIA + | ORGANIKA Boots - Knitted Grey }


I apologize for the lack of some slurls lately, I usually take great care of linking mostly everything in my posts, but, currently, I am having some issues with finding the different shops' location. It is most probably due to my incompetence, but sometimes the new profiles on Viewer 2 simply do not show up.
I usually check the creators' profiles and then check their shops' slurls in the picks. Since the advent of the new viewer I have to open the profiles on my browser to check the picks (which is, by the way, totally inconvenient) , and, sometimes, it just shows up a blank window telling me "This name is unavailable". This happened even when the creator was standing right next to me iw.
So: sorry for the lack of links, I will try to fill the missing ones in time.

slurl: {Dead End}

hair {Maitreya | Lauren - Platinum} (old group gift)
skin {MONS | Momsen Skin Series - Purple Lipstick/Light Brows}
eyes {::UH:: | GemStone eye - G04} (freebie)
freckles {.:Glamorize:. | Freckle Face - Allrounder}
teeth {Baiastice | teeth - mod 4}

wreath {.+*AA*+. | Halloween crown} (old freebie)
scarf {Zeerys | Warm Wrap Textile Scarf} (MHOH II hunt prize)
necklace {LaGyo | Stars necklace - gold}
jacket {Alphamale | Classic Leather Jacket - Beige } (old group gift)
gloves {GX | Fingerless Gloves - PURPLE }
dress {*IW* | Witch in Violet } (Christams hunt prize)
belt {{SMS} | Wrap Belt Red GG} (group gift)
leggings {*Gigi Couture* | Lycra Slit Tights - Burgundy} (old freebie)
shoes {*COCO* | RuffleAnkleBoots - (Red)} (group gift)

[poses {Croire}


I suddenly started missing Spring...


[hair {Maitreya | Voluminous Scarf Hair - Platinum}
[skin {-MonS- | Mira Skin - Black Shadow/ VioletLip/ BrownB}
[teeth {Baiastice | teeth- mod 2}
[freckles {.:Glamorize:. | Freckle Face - Allrounder}

[wreath {un Jour | *fairy dance}
[eye patch {-NALA- | *Ribbon eyepach*}
[vest {S H I N E | AVAH - BodySuit/black} (part of a bodysuit)
[fur {AOHARU | FurCoat - SilverFur}
[jacket {[ATOMIC] | Ritzy Blazer - Silver} (old platinum hunt prize)
[necklace {(NHA!) | Flora/Brown - Necklace}
[butterflies {YIPs | anouska - oh pappillion cover my breast} (old freebie)
[bra {(5th&Oxford) | Lit. Miss - Bra *BLUSH*} (part of an outift)
[top {jane | intrinsic.tank. - fawn} (free)
[belt {::: B@R ::: | Gunman's Duster Lady - Silver Belt} (part of an outfit)
[side pockets {S H I N E | AVAH - BodySuit/black} (part of a bodysuit)
[skirt {YIPs | anouska - peep bloomer} (old freebie)
[tights {actchio. | oriental fishnets - mint} (free)
[shoes {*COCO* | OxfordShoes - (Two-Tone)}

[poses {(Marukin)}