slurl : {The Far Away}

[skin {&Bean | Hounds of love pale} (old dollarbie)
[hair {
[Anaphora] | _Smokahontas_Bole} (old hunt prize)

[food {Modd's | Grilled Cheesus} (freebie)
[scarf {[SG*] | Desire - Khaki }
hair band {(fd) | Hair Stuff - (Leftovers)}
coat {":::BaLaC:::" | Lsize Military ModsCourt} (free)
sweater {-[AddiCt]-| ZIOMARA Sweaterdress - Rose 2} (group gift)
gloves {:GF: | gloves} (old freebie)
[boots {amaama+ | boots} (old lucky board prize)


slurl: {TeRi TaMa}

[skin {*League* | Amber Fair -Natural}
[hair {!lamb. | Glass Candy - Milk}
[faun ears {Titanias court | F_Faun - Autumn_Yellow}

[beret {Emery | Beret Tropez - Sea M} (old TDR item)
[hair leaf {(fd) | Hair Stuff - (Tree Underfoot)}
[scarf {.+*AA*+. | kimono muffler} (old tea hunt prize)
[sweater {[Sleepy Eddy] | Union Jack sweat - (Navy) 2} (lucky borad prize)
[leggings {S@BBiA:: | Gift:Tights - grey} (free)
[socks {Maitreya | Toeless Slouch Socks - Softs3}

[shoes {*COCO* | OxfordShoes -(Two-Tone)}


I admit it, I am just doing some fast editing for the fun of it, because I missed being able to work on a big screen.
The weather outside my window is quite depressing, so I decided to open Second life and teleported to nordari, which is just an amazing corner of pure fall delight, autumn sun guaranteed 24h a day.
To cheer up my mood I just popped the huge ribbon from Tokidoki's gatcha gatcha on my head: cute accessories always make me feel better.

slurl: {nordari}

skin {!Imabee: | Umeko - Underwater / LTbrow / Frec /} (group gift)
eyes { LL | christmas fairy eyes - dark} (old christmas gift)
hair {::69:: | HIRIS 04 - Swedish Blonde}

hair ribbon {(TokiDoki) | bow1 funk}
scarf {::[ Mr.Poet ]:: | Wide Scarf} (free)
jacket {*Valiant* | Black Open Button Leather Jacket}
miniskirt {KELLY | A & B - Jupe courte} (old freebie - created by Edika Kohime)
skirt {.:i *Towa* i:. | Halloween dress - skirt} (halloween gift)
socks {Modd.G | Trix Sheer Socks - Red} (free)
boots {*COCO* |FlatAnkleBoots - (Brown)} (old christmas gift)


How lame is to post a Halloween outfit, a week later?
Yet, I'm here, probably I am just overexcited to have my computer back and I didn't really want this World's End Garden dress go to waste, along with the massive dose of Halloween freebies I managed to collect even after the actual due date.

slurl: {Embryo}

[skin {:::Dimbula Rose::: | Pink clown skin} (old opening gift)
[eyes {LL | christmas fairy eyes - dark} (old freebie)
[hair {booN | ACT010 hair - platinum}

[hat {*diavolicious* | Lydia TB Hat}
(store's hunt part of an outfit)
[wings {[ni.Ju] | Glow Dragon Wings - LB--Set B} (free)
dress {World's End Garden | Requiem pour une s ur perdue} (group gift)
hands' scissors {*diavolicious* | Edward Scissors} (store's hunt part of an outfit)
stockings {[Luce.] | Forest Tights under - (Blue)} (free)
boots {*GF* | Short Lace-Up Boots -Lavender} (old group gift)


Two random looks to celebrate my desktop's return.
Computer's back for good, hopefully.

First one just to celebrate Mijn and Uriko Blinker's amazing TEA HUNT. I'm still love with the japanese garden setting they created even if the event is already over. Also, I'm just back from the biggest comic con in my country so I kinda felt a Japanese decora style would suit my current mood.
(Tea Hunt' links take you to the creators' shops, since prizes are no more available)

slurl :{itutu cafè}

skin {.::Mother Goose's::. | Chiaki } (tea hunt prize)
hair {+IROLLIC+ | - light ash st001}

[hairband {duboo. | cherryblossom headband} (tea hunt prize)
[chocobar {Ducknipple |Curly wurly} (freebie)
[wings {*BOOM* |Aranel's Wings Halloween} (halloween hunt prize)
[jacket {][AV] |[jacket kimono - red}
[shirt {[SG*] | Herangsa - Khaki }
[top {[W&B] | Simple Bodysuit NUDE 2} (halloween hunt prize)
[gloves {WEiRD.DESIGNS | Death Ballet Pink Gloves} (old freebie)
skirt {- ROTTEN TOE - | Vintage Ballerina - Tutu } (old ZombiePopcorn Hunt prize)
[leggings {Tee*fy | Floral Oriental - Red} (tea hunt prize)
[boots {ANEXX | LaceupBoots-DarkBrown}

Faded colors for the second one.

slurl : {coming..}

[skin {[ESUGA] | My Little Frankenstein} (lucky board)
eyes {- V - | Rainbow Explosion Eyes} (freebie)
hair {Maitreya | Apple - Platinum}
[makeup {*RibboN* | Petit Make - 7} (gatcha gatcha)

[fascinator {!!WILDO**| juliet - pink green}
[fur vest {.:*W.:* | bolero white 2}
[shirt {shirohato | puff blouse }
[skirt { shirohato | baby sweet pink} (lucky board)
[socks {Maitreya | Toeless Slouch Socks - Soft Pink}
[boots {Reek | Autumn Boots - Navy} (old SAH hunt prize)