Real Life swallowed me whole. That's it.
This is a look from a month ago, more or less. I'm an awful blogger and procrastinator without shame.

[hair {fri.day | Sasha - Melancholy White}
[skin {*League* | Amber Fair -Natural-Frex}
[makeup {PIDIDDLE | Cosmetics - Forever Fresh} (old freebie)

[turban {LaGyo | Lobster turbant - purple}
[coat {*pop feel - Rin*Retro Haori - 2}
[scarf {{Zeery} | Silk Silhouette Shawl - Rouge Violace (S)}
[necklace {LaGyo| Skin and stones butterfly collar}
[dress {Zaara | Syona kurta - *aqua*}
[belt {LG femme | knot belt - honeysuckle}
[pants {LG femme | CAPRI jeans - BLACK plain}
[shoes {Zaara | Ilaida Mojri - *tan*}