I’m trying to catch up with the zillion of screenshots I took , but editing is a shady business and you got to set your mind to it, even if the results are halfway as satisfactory as you wished for.
That said: it’s just that I am way too lazy to post with some kind of schedule in mind, but I love to change outfit whenever I log into SL, so I always end up with too many caps and no will what so ever to edit them.

On a more fashionable note: I think I collected at least three fur coats in the past month, I probably have every shade of grey fur available on SL. At the very last second I felt kind of guilty about the grey fur overload and never got that fur bolero from Vaudeville’s Designers United III : how I regret it, my collection will never be complete!

I kept this AOHARU coat on forever, first because it was a gift from a friend and second because I knew I would love it when I saw it on Mia when she totally fell on my and Nakoto's head in Embryo. (tips for later: never stop at a landing point to chat, people fall on your coiffed hair all the time!)
I probably did already came up with every single possible clothes’ combination for this coat, but somehow I still do not think I tried everything yet, I should experiment some more…


[skin and red cheeks {BP* | winter skin/***underwear***/2009-12}
(group gift)
[hair {*Kookie* | Kate Hair - antique grey} (part of outfit - old 50L friday item)
[faun ears and horns {Titania's Court | Faun - Autumn Yellow}

[bag {::plod:: | NeckPorch - Brown}
[coat {AOHARU | FurCoat - SilverFur }
[jacket { Kyoot | Tiny Collar Cropped Jacket - Dark Brown} (hunt item)
[long shirt {(Milk Motion) | My loose tank} (old 50L friday item)
[socks {* *League* | Ella Stockings - Light Brown}

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