Brand new year, same old post.
I am still dreaming of a white Christmas despite the endless pouring rain of the last few days and the actual fact that winter holidays are already a past tense. Officially, Italians’ holiday season ends tomorrow, so I can still walk around humming reindeer songs for a few hours. Yay!

I have no idea how it works around the world, but here there’s always a few movies shown on TV that never change year after year. If you switch on some forgotten channel, nestled between home ware advertising and an 80s TV series, you can always bump, sooner or later, into Doctor Zivago.
Pure 1965 original.
It is usually around the time people that works into small television stations get bored of being at work while everyone is lazying around, so they just treat you and themselves to 197 minutes of blissful, endless, flat-white, landscape, epic romance and old school’s blockbuster orchestra.
I usually fall asleep halfway through it, but I love to wake up just to hear Lara’s theme violins last time.

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