Cold winter drizzle, everything remains wet for days and I always feel cold despite the actual degrees, but then you get one single day of glorious, pale, winter sun and you find yourself sniffing the air for trace of spring even if your nose is red and running. Ugh!
Someone told me: you should never complain if something’s free, so I will not complain. I’ll just say how I wish I could have managed to get every single item of the free female and male avatars form the insanely generous
Le.Look! Christmas gift, instead of just hairs and skins! Unfortunately the sim was always full whenever I tried to get there, even several times a night, but getting free maitreya’s hair is something that doesn’t happen every day so I guess I am satisfied none the less.
It seems’ I’m skipping all the best events,
CSR got lost on me, I totally missed DUIII…I'm trying to keep up with the regualr 50Linden fridays (I still can't believe Kookie Lemon, put those amazing Pomskie boots on discount!), but the thurth is: I guess I’m lazy even in my second life.

slurl : {Gaylord}

[skin {!tresBlah | Girly Chic Light Skin - Pure}
[hair {Maitreya : LE.LOOK! | la femme - Hair/Hat - Natural Blond}
(LE.LOOK! 1st annivesary gift- old freebie)

scarf {(vive9) | Jacki Comfy Collar} (old freebie - part of outfit)
coat {(Milk Motion) | my vintage fur coat with dress - grey/white}
(Woodcutter's daughter limited collection)
dress {biancaf | 09/model001/secondskin}
pants {AOHARU | _BT_LaceCrashDenim - White}
boots {*Kookie* | Pomski Coffee Candy Boots} (old 50 friday item)

p.s.[Thanks Mika for the song, I actually stole it from your stream! - see, we actually got the same musical tastes....maybe...every once in a while...rarely..oh well!]

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  1. nooo tu che mi ringrazi per una canzone!!1 ahaha çç
    ne sono quasi lusingata!