Cibercity of the first sims I ever visited on SL and I forgot the slurl forever until someone dropped into my inventory again, I had to check some of the oldest posts here to be sure it was actually the same exact place… .and I still love it.
I finally bought the League wrecked skin I have been coveting for, well, I forgot how many months, maybe it was because it actually matches my mood lately, so I am not planning of taking it off anytime soon.

Also I am always happily amazed when someone send me an IM asking if “I am that one from that blog”, it happens and I still can’t believe there people stopping by this page. Well : thank you!

[skin {*League* | Skin Pale Misty- Wrecked}
[hair {!lamb. | Say - Powder}

[feathers 1 {(fd) | Hair Stuff - (Kill The White Swan)}
[feathers 2 {[mixx] | feather hair exte}
[necklace {[ATOMIC] | Painful Sleep Necklace - Living}
[eye bandage {BP*| Bandages for eyes} (old drowsy scary festival item)
[jacket and gloves {*League | Belted Leather Jacket-Short-Antique Brown}
[dress {Baiastice | Christmas Dream} (christmas 09 freebie)


  1. mmm... thanks for the reminder, I haven't been to this sim in forever!!! Your photos are always so wonderful... :-)

  2. awesome, visually stunning photos..so happy to find your blog!

  3. Thank you Stacia! ^^
    I love this sim, somehow it just looks amazing with every single windlight I try!

    Thank you Elizabeth, I do not post that often but I try to edit a pic every once in a while.