Almost Christmas…

It usually never snows in my hometown and the Christmas decorations are pretty dreadful, so I’m left enjoying the holyday’s spirit eating insane amounts of typical winter dishes, not that I complain that much about it, of course.

I am currently channeling my desire for a white Christmas into Second Life, I guess

[skin {!tresBlah | Girly Chic Light Skin - Pure}
[hair {Maitreya | Alex - Platinum}
[faun parts {Titania's Court | F_Faun - Autumn Yellow}

[headband { **DP**yumyum | Katyusha} (group gift)
[earmuffs {BP* | winter sunflower earmuffs} (old group gift)
[ nosering {Zaara | Suvarna Nosering}
[scarf {[LeeZu!] | Miss Mara Scarf - ethno beige}
[blazer {beetlebones** | freebie blazer} (freebie)
[shirt {&Bean | Reckoner - Peach}
[skirt {Paper Couture | like a lion - skirt layer}
[armwarmer left {**DP**yumyum | crochet arm warmer - white}
[umbrella {un Jour _* | umbrella} (old freebie)
[ leg tattoo {Garden of KU | Tattoo Give Me Poison - medium}

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