Murder on the Orient Express...
I was just flipping through my snaps’ folder for some long deserved clean out and found out a few old shots taken ad Drowsy’s autumn festival.
I was pretty sad when they took down their tents from spooky carnival, but I love the half drowned train as much so, I must say this sim never disappoints me.

I guess I never realized I might have a slight obsession with bowler hats before…
got at least three in my inventory.
After I've seen those combat boots in Meachi Pizzicato's blog I had to have them, just for the idea of owning a pari of "Dr. Murder's", yes, I'm that childish.

slurl: {Drowsy}

[skin {{*MY UGLYDOROTHY | Joe08}
[hair {!lamb. | Stargaze - Powder}

[hair feathers {(fd) | Hair Stuff - (Kill The White Swan)}
[necklace {*Miss 80s* | CROW QUEEN necklace} (freebie)
[shirt {::[ Mr.Poet ]:: | Off shoulder shirt - White}
[corset {*dg* | crows nest:hanger - corset} (part of outfit for designers united II)
[undershirt {::SUGARCUBE | milky Ribbon tank} (freebie)
[skirt { Kuri*Style | 148featyer - (black)paper} (part of outfit)
[pants {AOHARU | LaceCrashDenim - White}
[boots {*BC322 | Work Boots Dr.Murders}

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