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Editing a week ago image, as always, which, by the way, is all about poetic irises, I mean, Poetic Color’s eyes by Lano Ling.
I never change my avatar’s eyes simply because I got my freebies eyes practically a week after a first logged into Second Life and I still haven’t found anything I love more than Poetic colors.

So here’s a tribute to his latest freebie that comes also in a dark version.

Funny facts: I learned how to cover my avi’s belly button before learning how to fly up and down and not in some sort of zig-zag pattern of doom. So this must be a first (and probably last) time the midget here will be this undressed, I kind of understand why Mika wanted to take a pic, which also shows better the slouchy Amerie’s pants that are made of love.

slurl: {S.I.C49}

[skin {(fd) | Bird Skin - Nude}
[hair {Maitreya | Voluminous Scarf Hair #2 - Platinum}
[eyes {Poetic Colors | christmas fairy eyes - dark} (freebie)

[tattoo {::Garden of Ku:: | Tattoo Aphrodisia in Luxor - darken}
[shoulder {*LPP* | sexadoll officer pack - shoulder (part of outfit)}
[top {~*RunoRuno*~ | Stole - White }
[vest {Pig | Life on Mars Vest - Aluminum}
[wristband { Chabinns!! | [Rock you-Wrisrband]} (freebie)
[armwarmer {(Yuli) | GX Fingerless Gloves - silver}
[pants {AMERIE M | Loose pants - Khaki}

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