It usually takes me a while to come up with a post, but this time I made an effort, took some caps yesterday night and got some lines ready made today.
Well, it wouldn’t’ t make any sense to post this in a month or so …

Anyway yesterday it was the official opening night for “Libertà di essere” an art exibit that, despite its strictly Italian title, seemed pretty international to me.
Got some spare SL time? (make some spare SL time!) Go take a look because the set only it’s worth a visit.
Obviously I’m very proud my friend Mikako Ghost is one of the exhibiting artists.
I was so proud yesterday night I grew several inches taller…no wait, that were my ballet shoes.
A tiny recap of the night, just because I’d like to show off a look the part of the open minded-intellectual person and fail miserably.

slurl: {WDT Planet}

Mika most graciously tped me to the place and there I met my date for the night: THE LAG. Mr.LAG very courteously made me feel like a was floating into some vast blue emptiness until Mika pointed out that was the entire point of the setting: a staircase floating in the sky.
Of course, I complied on my best behavior while I patiently waited for SL to rez that big fat white cloud just above my head.
Then I had an epiphany and now I’m a believer. No, really this is the first cap I took after realizing I was under someone’s kimono, floating godlike beautifully just shy of the floor (yes, my avi is that short).
After that it was a blur of me and Mr.LAG waltzing our way up, up, up to the Heaviside layer and tumbling down countless times.
Mika constantly several steps above sent IM going from “This portrait is breathtaking” to “Someone loves my shoes!” ending with “Get yourself up here: there’s a ginormous bird!” (yes please, you Italian readers…laugh, it was actually a pretty funny bad joke)
I very politely commented on the music while Mr.LAG showed me endless flat grey panels before finally slowly rezzing the artworks, then I went on falling from the stairs.

..and of course we had to try every single poseball cause you have to make a conceptual fool of yourself when your hunger for art is sated, that’s the way it works.

Let’s say I’ve been waiting to get these shoes from Bare Rose forever I just needed an excuse. I’ am pretty positive everyone has already seen this coat from COCO and it’s just that great, in every single tiny detail.

[skin {*MY UGLYDOROTHY | Joe08}
[hair {!lamb. | Dog Roses - Powder}

[coat {*COCO* | CheckSwingCoat - Gray}
[dress { [Plastik] | Shredder - Fleur}
[undershirt {!Ohmai | Basics Loose Racerback - BLANK} (freebie)
[stockings {!Ohmai | Basics Sheer Leggings - mist}
[shoes {::: B@R ::: | ToeShoes - white} (part of outfit)

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