Outfit remix!
Meaning: I really couldn't part with PR!TTY hair (I pratically advertised them with every single one of my three and half contacts and forced to give up and buy, cause they're awsome) and that *deviant girls* skirt, so I just mixed and matched other items with them.
Plus little girls go into a heavy pink phase when they're five and I just got to that point of my life (quite late I must say), so: pinks, nudes, skin tones, I am the chubby barbie shaded avi on the grid these days.
It will pass...eventually.

p.s What's with me and my playlist lately? I always come up with these emoish songs for my posts...I guess it's further proof I'm kind of tone deaf.

slurl : {dEVOL}

[skin {*DEN-DOU* | Vampire skin - Mona /Dawn2 } (SummerChoice!2009 gift)
[hair {PR!TTY | Runway Model Hair - :Blonde:}

[headband {*:..Silvery K..: | *Hair accessories - chack}
[hairflowers {MIEL | AM TULIP HEADBAND - CHAMPAGNE} (group gift)
[hairfeathers {::SPLIT PEA:: | you stroke my locks} (freebie)
[vest {paper.couture; | Petal Puff - vest and skirt (part of outfit)}
[top {oyakin* | antique-tunic - (pink}
[skirt { *deviant girls* | Katie - skirt beige}
[stockings {*Sheer* | Tights 29: Very Torn - Black}
[boots {[0N] | Wo Boots}

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