Full on Christmas mode.

I promised Kaetel an outfit inspired by her tights collection and ended up looking like the fluffy version of Rudolph. .. I did try, I guess I am too cheesy inside to be even slightly fashionable after all, but look at the detail on this Fellini Couture lace! (and it's 100% free!) .

I probably spend too much of my SL time in Lusiadas, sooner or later the owner of Nordari will just kick me out of the land.

slurl: {Lusiadas}

[skin {&Bean | Old Bones I pale no brows}
[hair {!lamb. | Honey - Milk}

[hat {[Luce.] | Far hat - [Gray]} (free)
[hair veil {World's End Garden | Le lis blanc du Roi} (group gift)
[corsage {Fellini Couture | White roses outfit - white roses belt} (christmas gift - part of a dress)
[coat {+KiiToS!!+ | Pea Coat *Tweed* - Closed} (group gift)
[gloves {[KUE!] | Mitten Beary - White} (old freebie)
[skirt {MIEL | BLUR DRESS - skirt} (part of a dress old item for the Blur event)
[stockings {jOLIE! | Pale Rosed tights}
[socks {(Slow Kitchen) | Layered_socks} (old hunt prize)
[shoes {Ingenue | :: Nina :: - Candy Cane} (christmas gift)

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