How lame is to post a Halloween outfit, a week later?
Yet, I'm here, probably I am just overexcited to have my computer back and I didn't really want this World's End Garden dress go to waste, along with the massive dose of Halloween freebies I managed to collect even after the actual due date.

slurl: {Embryo}

[skin {:::Dimbula Rose::: | Pink clown skin} (old opening gift)
[eyes {LL | christmas fairy eyes - dark} (old freebie)
[hair {booN | ACT010 hair - platinum}

[hat {*diavolicious* | Lydia TB Hat}
(store's hunt part of an outfit)
[wings {[ni.Ju] | Glow Dragon Wings - LB--Set B} (free)
dress {World's End Garden | Requiem pour une s ur perdue} (group gift)
hands' scissors {*diavolicious* | Edward Scissors} (store's hunt part of an outfit)
stockings {[Luce.] | Forest Tights under - (Blue)} (free)
boots {*GF* | Short Lace-Up Boots -Lavender} (old group gift)

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