Truthfully fast editing is not my forte, but I’m using it as some kind of stress relief therapy, I guess.

New post old stuff, I am really working what I already have in my inventory as best as I can, buying just a few pieces, saving linden by linden whenever a see something that catches my attention and, mostly, that truly matches my mood.
In this specific case I mean this dress by GHOST, a faded white, but dreamy none the less; it just looked made to show the flaming MIASNOW heart tattoo.

slurl : {coming soon...}

[skin {!RottenToe | Jane-Pale...Oh,me!} (group gift)
[hair {Maitreya | Voluminous Scarf Hair #2 - platinum}
[bindi {::Happy Finds:: | Bindi (Second Life Beta Viewer)} (group gift)
[tattoo {MIASNOW | TAINTED HEART cutout - Radiant Heart 1 } (old hunt gift)

[dress {+++ GHOST! | - White Blood +++}


  1. your pictures are always beyond pretty <3 I love!!

  2. Thank you!
    I am so glad you take time to stop by my blog and comment! ^^