I didn’t come up with any outfit for this post, how creative of me! But I did wrapped prim after prim of this amazing Kimono by Bare Rose around my smurfish, pixelish body, jut for the sake of taking a picture with Abigale.

This is her version of the shot and, despite the fact that I admire everything about it, I especially love the fluorescents light poles in the background.
Of course, credits go to her for the concept of the image.

slurl: {Embryo}

on Aubergine:

[skin {*MY UGLYDOROTHY| 2-3} (old Red Packet Hunt prize)
[hair {fri.day | Melanie.2 - Melancholy White}

[kimono {::: BareRose ::: | Etude in E Tristesse Purple}

on Abigale:

[skin {Cupcakes | Crimson Alabaster antique}
[hair {Maitreya | Jaiden - Pitch}
[tattoo {Garden of Ku | Give me poison}

[kimono {Bare Rose | I only said }


  1. Meraviglia *o* *fantasia nel commentare*

  2. un piacere per gli occhi.. come sempre *_*