After several days of frustrating portable pc low resolution and slow rezzing I'm back.
My harddrive is back and, hopefully, fully functioning. I aslo somehow updated my video card' drives, so I'm still struggling to find the best possible resolution for my screen, but everything just keep on looking pretty weird until I get used to it.

..and I'm the queen of freebies.
Well, almost, I am pretty picky with freebies, but lately it seems I found some pretty amazing things out. and I had to use my lucky board items, do you have any idea how hard is to get an A on a lucky board!?!?

[skin {.::Mother Goose's::.| cry YaN Skin_01 (lucky board)}
[hair {=Hal*Hina = | Hair sasha - platinum blonde (lucky board)}

[hairband {*:..Silvery K..:*| hair accessories_chack] (free)}
[wrist {Chabinns!! | [Rock you-Wrisrband-NO,004](free)}
[top {.::PeppermintBlue::. | Striped Gray Polo (free)}
[corset {*Dilly Dolls* | Gyrl B Naughty - Corset&Bra black (part of an outfit)}
[skirt {HOTCH POTCH | kuro iro doress desu (free)}
[leggings {(Milk Motion)| my cut out leggings - red (group gift)}
[shoes {Urban Bomb Unit | PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops MultiColor v2}

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