July and Summer here!
I currently lack of a tablet and soon I'll get my tablet back, but I won't be able to use my desktop, but only my laptop, which means: lover resolution (way lower). So I'm debating if I should just switch to some flickr deal only looks and just put the blog on hiatus, or just put the blog on indefinite hatus only. I do care about the quality of my pics, but I love to create looks, so I'm biased.
If anyone reads these lines: what do you think? what should I do? Should I keep on posting looks on flickr even if that would kill the quality of the images?

slurl: {Humanoid}

[hair {[Anaphora] | Bajka - Linen}
[skin {JM:Mai | skin - delf candy}
[ears {.ILLUSORY. | Goat_White - Ear} (part of a set)

[headband {Zaara | Nizam Head jewel - *color*}
[jacket {AOHARU | ClassicDrapeSuit - White} (part of an outfit)
[necklace {+:+WTG+:+ | **Romanov egg** necklace} (freebie)
[top {jane. | intrinsic.tank. - yw custard } (old freebie)
[pants {Emery | Harem Trouser - Roxe}
[shoes {(Milk Motion) | My cute plastic flats} (Chic Birthday item)

[poses {MNK*SHOP} (freebie)


  1. Even tho I Looooove your pics. Your stylling is also very good. I vote for keeping on posting some looks on the blog. :)

  2. I love to look at your styles, I vote keeping posting your looks :)

  3. Steffy Thank you!...and Thank you for your opinion. ^^

    Thank you Ren!..I'll see how this low res thing works out!

  4. Even though I'm sort of out of the game, I still look at your stuff cause its gorgeous! I would be sad if you stopped posting :(

  5. I know real world has kept you busy, but I just wanted to say hello, and I miss seeing your incredibly beautiful posts!! Hope you are well and happy. Warmly, Stacia ^_^

  6. I have been watching your blog since a while and I LOVE it. Love how you combine and mix and match. Keep up teh great work. :)

  7. happy to be here


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