It's warm, the air kind of smells sweeter: it's definitely Spring time!
Let's face it I have a slight obsession with Mother Goose's skins. Can't help it: love them all; I have a huge collection from all the lucky boards -old and new- not to mention all the hunt prizes, cheapies and freebies.
..and I can't take this hair off, I'll try, not too hard but I'll try, I even like the fact that this specific color is called "powder"!
Now, if you'll excuse me, I think it's time for a gelato here; maybe hunger leads to useless rambling on blog, who knows.

slurl: {NV Madworld}

[hair {[LeLutka] | ADDISON hair - Powder}
[skin {.::Mother Goose's::. | Yvonne -freckle} (1L)
[teeth {Baiastice | teeth - mod 1}
[makeup {[croire] | kawaii makeup - (blush)} (Project Themeory item)

[headband {LaGyo | Bound rose hairband}
[collar {BALACLAVA!! | Stuff - #06 flowery collar} (free @ InnerWorld Magazine HQ)
[necklace {LaGyo | Rhodo necklace tawny} (@TDR)
[necklace {.+*AA*+. | pearl lariat *white}
[top {(Milk Motion) | My cardigan} (old TDR item)
[bracelets {LaGyo | Georgette cuff}
[skirt {[sYs] | EUPHORIA Hunt} (part of Euphoria hunt prize)
[leggings {:: ESSENCES :: | Terra Pants } (free)
[shoes {*COCO*| DoubleLayerBoots - (Black)}

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