slurl : { Alirium@REZ }

[skin {&Bean | Hounds of Love - HJORT LIGHT}
[hair {booN | ACT010 hair - platinum}

[hair feathers {(fd) | Hair Stuff - (Kill The White Swan)}
[cheeks {BP* | hoppe/cheeks - tears}
(old drowsy festival item)
[dress {biancaf | 009 model001}
[stockings {{nmb} | peacock tights }
[sandals {+*AA*+. | suede sandal - *smoke}


  1. non ho idea da quanto io manchi su SL.. assurdo.. solo quando guardo le tue foto mi ricordo che.. mi manca.. chissà se mi tornerà mai la voglia di tornare e vedere se è ancora tutto come l'ho lasciato..

  2. Penso che tu abbia di meglio da fare che passare le serate a girare in solitario.
    SL è sempre uguale: i giochi non cambiano, solo le persone, almeno così immagino.

  3. It is the people who keep me coming back. When I look at the beauty that is expressed in SL... I know these visuals come from a creative person's heart... just like art... out in SL it surrounds me... I can walk through it and feel as if I "see inside" their heart and their dreams.

    Disclaimer: I was a dreamer before I came to SL... so perhaps my perspective is clouded already. :-)

    Your photos, at least to me, express the beauty of who you are, inside. Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a great blog!
    So dreamy! Love it!

  5. Thank you Stacia! ^^
    Most of my time on SL I'm wondering around.
    I was just discussing with Mika the fact that I spend most of my SL time alone since I lost contact with some people on my firends' list.
    Maybe that's why I always appreciate when people create amazing sim I can just walk around and gaze at beautiful things.

    Thank you A.Ngel I love this place it's so surreal!