Sometime I remember about this blog,
Just joking, but lately it’s harder for me to find time to edit my snaps, so the blog suffers, of kind of.
Also if pixel clothes would get dirty this !OhMai stockings would probably need a good washing by now since it seems I’ve been using them with every single outfit (they probably smell pretty bad that’s way no one ever approaches me in world). I should probably go and buy the entire palette of them, at least the powder tones, but I have a soft spot for the fluo green since I’ve seen this post by Newreem.

I am trying hard to deal with as many freebies as possible, going through my entire inventory every time I decide it’s time to change, which happens way too often. I am trying hard, really and I got some amazing freebies lately.

Embryo sim is open again and the colors are so amazing there that I felt I couldn’t match this amazing background with colorful clothes of my own (also I suspect I might be colorblind), so here’s the safe choice: white and gray.

[skin {*MY UGLYDOROTHY | Lillibersim - 04 freckles (Group gift)}
[hair {Maitreya | Apple - Beach Blond}

[hairband {(fd) | Hair Stuff - (Puddy Tat)}
[scarf {::: BareRose ::: | Damaged White Denim - cian scarf (part of outfit)}
[dress {"NINIKO"| Natural Tunic - (BEIGE)}
[bra {barbee. | Jewel - KARASU3 (part of outfit)}
[shirt {::SUGARCUBE | meduse - un - Box - cami1 (part of outfit)}
[gloves {**en Svale** | Gloves - (Beige)}
[stockings {!Ohmai | Basics Sheer Leggings BLANK (free)}
[shoes { Babuche | Babouche - White (free)}

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