Shy Sheep totally stole my editing time.

Bedtime story: I had been seeing this amazing scarf a lot on several blogs and, of course, I wanted it too. So I thought: how lucky, just type the store name and SL finds it for you!
Type THE DOGS into your search window.
I know, I am a lost cause, such a waste of neurons in my brain.
But, at least, I found a slurl, stalking comments on other people’s blog (yes, it’s me stalking your comments column, beware!).
Shy sheep has got its mustard scarf (amazing colour!) and I got to exchange a few IMs with JDDM - the creator - that assured me he wouldn’t mind having a sheep wearing his accessories.

slurl: {Emvee Cuba}

I guess I don't know how to match patterns.
I couldn't resist taking a couple of caps when I saw that basket full of aubergines....and I'll probably end up making a desktop wallpaper with that mural above, because that's real genius.

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  1. sooooooo incredibly cute! I love the storybook. LOL