I guess I am back into one of my - I'm already fed up with summer - mood. Or maybe it's just that I can't help sliding towards my "costumy" side every now and then, well, actually, pretty often I might say.
I've had this ready for ages, I still can't figure out why I haven't post it before. Maybe I just didn't like it enough, it looked quite right with the entire Tabelau's sim palette, but it just felt wrong when I left the place.

[skin {fashionably dead | Beauty Pack - (fd) Light Skin (Milk Nose)}
[hair {((JUNWAVE)) | Pop'nGirl - *LightBROWN*}

[head {::SPLIT PEA:: | you stroke my locks (free)}
[dress {[LeeZu!] | REVOLUTION Pan (free)}
[undershirt {* MichaMi: | GlamTank in DarkBrown}
[shirt {[Sweetest Goodbye*] | Herangsa - Khaki}
[gloves {[LeeZu!] | REVOLUTION Pan (free)}
[belt {*LPP* | Classic camerama's belt}
[pants {:: DUTCH TOUCH :: | Jeans Ripped Xtra - Dark Grey}
[leg {*AD* | leg strap smoke (lucky chair)}
[boots {+grasp+ | si*na/Leather Boots/DarkBrown/mens}

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