Spring..summer.. really, I don't think I can cope with seasons.
slurl : {Poetik velvets}

I found Mika IW the other day, it has been a while I guess, I immediately stalked her on the map and when I met her I got all "Oh my gosh, my avi is tall!" and then I realized it's just my insane passion for abnormous flexi hair.
It's actually all Mika's fault since she gave me Foam's LM ages ago. She was sorting through her inventory and went all out complaining she had a bunch of men's shop LM, then she forgot her worries (or maybe she finally rezzed my avi on screen) and she pestered me until I gave her the exact coordinates for the dryad outfit at Bare rose since she seemed obsessed with "that amazing thing on my head" (exact words..er well, translated of course)..
So I expect to see her wearing a pair of man's briefs and a branch on her head next time I meet her.

[skin {Fashionably Dead | Light Skin - Ripe}
[hair {.:.Foam!.:. | The Fortuneteller~ Blonde B}

[head {::: BareRose ::: | Dryad - BlueFlower head}
[head {Fashionably Dead | Hair Stuff - Tree Underfoot}
[scarf {::: BareRose ::: | Dryad - BlueFlower ChestAround }
[dress {(Milk Motion) | My vintage fringe dress - horses }
[gloves {(Yuli) | GX Fingerless Gloves - black }
[leg { .::Sling Shot::. (no idea where it's from, sorry) }
[leg {*Sheer* | Tights 29 - Very Torn Black}
[shoes {[*REDGRAVE*] | Biker Boots -Night (for men)}

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