I really have no idea what happened when I put this together, but I can tell it all started with the hair..and the skin, probably.
Slightly smudged cherry red lipstick, I'm in love!
That's why I put that Atomic necklace there, I guess.

Pet peeve of the day: I've always wanted something form paper couture. Actually, let me specify: I kind of want everything from Paper Couture, but I have to restrain myself.

[skin {fashionably dead | Beauty Pack - Light Skin (Shyguy)}
[hair {!lamb | Dog Roses - Powder}
[tattoo {-=Warudakumi= | Tatoo - EBI faded (LuckyChair)}

[head {::: BareRose ::: | It's Onlly A Paper Moon ChestAround (worn on head)}
[necklace {[ATOMIC] | Painful Sleep Necklace - Living}
[top {Paper Couture | In like a Lion - Bodice}
[ruffles {*Shai* | Zambia Safari Swimsuit - prim ruffles}
[bracelet {KOSH | Rust n Skull Bracelet}
[skirt {::: BareRose ::: | It's Onlly A Paper Moon Skirt}
[stockings {White Fishnet Pantyhose with Seam (old free item from where ever)}
[boots {+grasp+ | si*na/Leather Boots - DarkBrown (for mens)}

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