I do usually wonder around deserted landscapes, endless panoramas, windlight bathed skies and seas..
I do have a thing for cafes and cozy interiors. So today I stumbled on an interesting slurl browsing flickr and decided to check out the place.
I usually check out places when there's no one there, anyway this time In the middle of giant dew soaked leaves dripping chocolate and flashy rainbows I also run into the owner and the designer of the Turquoise cafe.
They were amazingly nice and we chatted a bit in a language which was far from Japanese and definitely not English.
...oh well, the kotatsu was fun.

slurl: { Turquoise cafe }


  1. ohy con chi sei uscita oggi? mi tradisci così?
    che bel posto però *_*
    poi ci vado anche io a visitarlo... magari con te... se non mi hai già sostituita!!!

    scherzo eh!

  2. nuuu non ti ho tradita!
    ho trovato la slurl del posto lfashoso su flicr e mi sono fiondata a fare un giro di ricognizione..
    solo che poi mi sembrava scrotese non salutare i proprietari :P