July and Summer here!
I currently lack of a tablet and soon I'll get my tablet back, but I won't be able to use my desktop, but only my laptop, which means: lover resolution (way lower). So I'm debating if I should just switch to some flickr deal only looks and just put the blog on hiatus, or just put the blog on indefinite hatus only. I do care about the quality of my pics, but I love to create looks, so I'm biased.
If anyone reads these lines: what do you think? what should I do? Should I keep on posting looks on flickr even if that would kill the quality of the images?

slurl: {Humanoid}

[hair {[Anaphora] | Bajka - Linen}
[skin {JM:Mai | skin - delf candy}
[ears {.ILLUSORY. | Goat_White - Ear} (part of a set)

[headband {Zaara | Nizam Head jewel - *color*}
[jacket {AOHARU | ClassicDrapeSuit - White} (part of an outfit)
[necklace {+:+WTG+:+ | **Romanov egg** necklace} (freebie)
[top {jane. | intrinsic.tank. - yw custard } (old freebie)
[pants {Emery | Harem Trouser - Roxe}
[shoes {(Milk Motion) | My cute plastic flats} (Chic Birthday item)

[poses {MNK*SHOP} (freebie)


Still here, still struggling with lack of sleep and absolute tiredness. But Summer's days are coming and the week end is almost here!
Shameless promotion of a friend's idea: Mijn Seoung just founded the Freaky | Stylish | Freebie group on flickr. I'm a big supporter of cheapies or freebies' based looks and admire all of the bloggers she invited to join, I think it will eventually became an everlasting source of inspiration for me. ...have look, will you, please?

slurl: {Galactic Aeon}

{AOHARU | Nina - (Pearl)}
[skin {JM:Mai | delf - candy}
[teeth {Baiastice | teeth- mod 2}
[ears{.ILLUSORY. | Goat - White ear} (part of a set)

[headpiece {LaGyo | Pale rose headbend}
[feathers {PIDIDDLE | FeatherExtensions} (old Easter egg cheapie)
[necklace {tram | chiffon ribbon necklace - (rose)}
[jacket {[NSD] | Napoleon Jacket -White}
[dress {LG femme | BlaBla minidress - TONICA }
[undershirt {!Ohmai: | High Rise Tank - [BLANK] } (freebie)
[leggings {GATO | PlainLeggings - Yellow} (freebie)
[shoes {PixelFashion | sandy Shoes - Black }


Real Life swallowed me whole. That's it.
This is a look from a month ago, more or less. I'm an awful blogger and procrastinator without shame.

[hair {fri.day | Sasha - Melancholy White}
[skin {*League* | Amber Fair -Natural-Frex}
[makeup {PIDIDDLE | Cosmetics - Forever Fresh} (old freebie)

[turban {LaGyo | Lobster turbant - purple}
[coat {*pop feel - Rin*Retro Haori - 2}
[scarf {{Zeery} | Silk Silhouette Shawl - Rouge Violace (S)}
[necklace {LaGyo| Skin and stones butterfly collar}
[dress {Zaara | Syona kurta - *aqua*}
[belt {LG femme | knot belt - honeysuckle}
[pants {LG femme | CAPRI jeans - BLACK plain}
[shoes {Zaara | Ilaida Mojri - *tan*}


The first time I landed into the renewed Tableau sim it hit me and I just couldn't get it out of my mind. I really haven't mastered the courage to ask if anyone else got the same idea I did, so I'm doing it now.
Please, watch the video linked unde the image, cause whenever I visit Tableau that's where my mind automatically goes to, that's what I see.
And here is my confession: I am truly, absolutely, deeply in love with this movie, can't help it.

slurl: {Tableau}

[hair {::69:: | HIRIS 04 - Swedish Blonde}
[skin {.::Mother Goose's::. | Devon - (CHH2011)girl} (old Cupid heart hunt prize)

[headband {LaGyo | Bulbs+roses Headbend - white (light OFF)}
[sunglasses {La Malvada Mujer | The sun is coming - #4 [Glasses]}
[necklace mouth {[Acide!] | Dark perly kiss}
[necklace 1 {LaGyo | Bulbs chocker} (Seasons hunt prize)
[necklace 2 {LaGyo Medemoiselle | Venhia necklace}
[bag {LaGyo | Leather tote bag - russet}
[shirt {::Mr.Poet:: |Dot neckerchief and Pink shirts - Shirt} (old hunt prize)
[skirt {Emery | Skirt Ebby [Teal]} (old TDR item)
[socks {Pig | Knee Sock Mit Suspenders - Coral Sock} (freebie @the Free Dove)
[shoes {[*REDGRAVE*] | British Loafers -Brown}

[poses {Croire}


Had a weird week, still feeling slightly off... maybe is just the changing weather's fault.

slurl: {Voc Linda}

[hair {[LeLutka] | RAIN hair - Powder}
[skin {.::Mother Goose's::. | Trudy-II_LB} (lucky board gift)
[teeth {Baiastice| teeth - mod 1}

[headpiece {+:::+Natural+:::+ | Promise - } (lucky board gift)
[undershirt {MONS | Body Suit / BlackDreams - Lace1}
[necklace {**mischievious cat** | Amber clock necklace} (freebie)
[top {oyakin*| linen tunic**} (old cupid heart hunt prize)
[lace top {*RibboN* | Onesholder Lacetops - (White) }
[bracelet {MONS | IDONTMIND Bracalets - Dore-Right}
[skirt {-AZUL- | GG1103 - skirt} (March group gift - part of a dress)